Where do you get Lyme Disease? I don’t hike so why should I care???

Ticks contract the Lyme disease bacterium (Borrelia burgdorferi) during their larval and nymphal stages by feeding on infected rodents and birds that carry the bacteria in their blood. According to Rick Ostfeld  at the Carry Institute, white mice are greater carriers of the infected ticks that deer.

You do not need to be hiking in the woods to get Lyme Disease. In fact, that represents a small percentage of people infected today which is why awareness is so important!

Because the ticks are so small in the spring and summer, you don’t know you’ve been bitten by one. You don’t see it to pull it off of your body and most don’t feel its effects until months later. Because flu-like symptoms are common within the first 2 weeks of being bitten, doctors often will treat it as such, the flu or a cold. You may not think twice and simply ride it out.

Imagine walking in your grass at home barefooted.

Summer parties in your friend’s backyard wearing sandals.

All of the things we love to do in the warm weather now become a potential risk.
Don’t think you are safe because you are not hiking in the woods or near a location where deer hang out.

To make matters worse, ticks carry multiple infections.

Therefore, if you are lucky enough to get the bulls-eye rash (the immediate indicator of Lyme Disease), you still need to get tested for the co-infections. Otherwise, after a few weeks of Doxycycline (standard medical practice), you will feel better but you will not feel great. Chances are you’ll start the slow decline.

The bottom line is protection. The best way to protect you and your family from Lyme Disease in the Spring and Summer Months is to cover your feet when you are outside, anywhere that feels “buggy.” The ticks are microscopic at this stage and can’t fly.

If you are a hiker, then it is always a good practice to be fully covered in light clothing so that you can spot a tick if it latches onto you. All year round, this is a good practice.

Coconut Oil is the natural way to protect yourself from Ticks. DEET is the chemical you can put on clothing and skin to protect yourself.
In conclusion, you can get Lyme Disease almost anywhere outside. Since most humans are infected during the Spring and Summer months when the ticks cannot be readily seen, it’s important to be aware and cover up!

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