What is worse for you: wearing a bathing suit or weighing yourself?

We’re heading into Memorial Day Weekend and I’m really curious to know the answer to the question. Please answer in comments.

For me, it is definitely wearing a bathing suit. I haven’t had an occasion to do it in a few years but the thought of it is not a pleasant one. Since I got sick with Lyme Disease and lost a very quick 25 pounds, my skin just dropped in my legs. I’ve always had a cheesy butt and have been able to cover up the dimples on the top part of my thighs with skirted swim suits.
Now, at 60 years old, even with a lifetime habit of exercise, and being slim, my legs look old. You can’t cover up legs in a bathing suit. Maybe I should just wear a wetsuit? Wouldn’t that be cute at a pool party?

OY Vey!

Regarding the scale, again, since being sick with LD, I weigh myself daily. It is a component of my daily charting. I have absolutely no anxiety about it.

Prior to being sick, I didn’t even own a scale. I used my clothing as the measurement of whether I needed to cut back on intake or whether I was clear to treat.

We know my life has not been the same since Lyme Disease and never will be—all for the good!

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