What is a key component to healing? Positive Self-Talk

What is positive self-talk? It is the messaging we give ourselves silently, in our own heads throughout the day. It is accepting and loving. When we make a mistake, we laugh and accept that we are human. When we are kind to others, we bask in the joy of being a loving, kind person.

When we are sick, we acknowledge that we are doing the best we can—each moment, each day. We stay in faith that we will get better.

If we are looking to lose weight or exercise more and slip, we understand that this is part of the process and get right back on track. We treat ourselves with loving kindness all along the way.

Become more conscious of your inner messaging.

Positive Self-Talk is a key component to your health and stress management.

Want to discuss this more with an expert? Reach out to Coach Shari.

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