What is a key component to healing?
Positive Self-Talk

What is positive self-talk? It is the messaging we give ourselves silently, in our own heads throughout the day. It is accepting and loving. When we make a mistake, we laugh and accept that we are human. When we are kind to others, we bask in the joy of being a loving, kind person.

When we are sick, we acknowledge that we are doing the best we can—each moment, each day. We stay in faith that we will get better.

If we are looking to lose weight or exercise more and slip, we understand that this is part of the process and get right back on track. We treat ourselves with loving kindness all along the way.


The ego self-talk. The ego will want to compare, to be better, to compete. This is unhealthy. Why? Because the focus becomes outside of ourselves, looking to one-up someone else. There is no way to win because there will always be someone that is bigger, better, more efficient, wealthier, healthier. When you approach life in this manner, you will never be happy. You will stress yourself out, and cause dis-ease.

When we focus inwards, appreciating our gifts and skills, understanding that as humans, we make mistakes, we have the greatest opportunity for healing. That is emotional as well as spiritual healing.

When we love ourselves in the purest sense, we open ourselves to be loved by others.

When we love others, we are our best selves.

Consider this: you are ill, could be Lyme Disease, could be another chronic illness, could even be menopause. Every day, all day, you say to yourself “I am sick, I feel lousy, why is this happening to me, I will never get better…”

If you turn that around to: “I am healthy, I am well, I have great energy, I am doing everything in my power to feel better, I am focused on my health and nutrition, I make great decisions to support my wellness….” Then you will attract all that you need to be well. This Positive Self Talk will help you to be the well person you envision.

Creating your healthy vision is a critical component in the coaching process. This is a wonderful exercise because it helps you focus on being healthy. It creates the script for your daily use and is especially helpful when you are having a bad day. Using your vision daily to be in the healthy place you desire is healing.

Coach ShariSM will guide you through the vision process, along with creating your wellness goals. This very positive activity is a key component to your healing. Begin today with a discovery call.

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