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Why did I become a Nutrition and Wellness Coach instead of winding down to plan retirement?

I have enjoyed a fun and successful career with over 20 years in Visual Communications or Videoconferencing, followed by the beginning of work in Cybersecurity.  While excited and learning about this new industry, working for a very nice company, my health started to decline. At first I attributed it to age saying that it’s okay if I only walk 3 miles instead of 4…the problem was that I was slowly going downhill.  Getting more and more tired with each business trip. I knew something was wrong, until between July and November of 2013 I had gotten to the point where I was really too tired to drive and could barely put a sentence together.

After 5 months and 7 doctors I finally received a diagnosis and the root cause of all of the symptoms:  Lyme Disease and Babesia.  I knew at the time that there would be blessings in the experience and that my vision of wellness would without a doubt be realized.   I held to this vision each and every day as I worked to find the right team of practitioners to help including nutritionists, physical trainers, doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, etc.

I felt so alone, even though I am married to the most wonderful man.  I didn’t want to talk to friends or family about my illness because I didn’t want to give it power.  One day I mentioned that I felt alone to my Lyme Doctor. She asked if I wanted to see a therapist. NO!  I thought to myself, what would they know about Lyme Disease.  Now I wish there was a Health Coach who conquered Lyme that would understand how to help me achieve wellness.  Not from a medical perspective, but from the perspective of putting all of the pieces together:


I HAD to be my own Health Coach!

What made the biggest difference in my recovery was nutrition.  When I changed my diet I literally woke up from debilitating fatigue.  Not that I was back to normal, but through diet I went from 0 to 7. An amazing difference.  This was an ah ha moment. That what I ate directly reflected on how I felt versus how I felt depended on how my clothes fit.  A complete shift.

Another perk was that I lost the menopause 20 and then some.  As we age, what we did in the past likely won’t serve us in the future.  People who say they cannot lose weight either don’t know how or don’t want to change what they are doing.  

At the turn of 2018 the message came clearly that I need to help others hold onto their vision!  To be on their team to help them get well in the most positive way. This is the ultimate gift of Lyme Disease, becoming a Health and Wellness Coach, Nutrition Coach, Stress Management Coach—helping you achieve your vision!!!

If you honor me with the privilege of being on your wellness team, I will devote our time together completely focused on what you want to achieve.  Whether it is getting through a chronic illness like Lyme disease or surviving a stressful job or finding a way for you to manage your weight without the roller coaster effect.  



MBA Marketing, Fairleigh Dickinson University
BS, Marketing and PsychologyFairleigh Dickinson University


Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Board Certified Health Coach
American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Wellcoaches School of Coaching

Certified Nutritional Consultant
Trinity School of Natural Health


Lifestyle Medicine Coach
American College of Lifestyle Medicine & Wellcoaches School of Coaching

Stress Management
Allegra Learning Solutions, LLC