Treat Yourself!

If you are going through a tough season, whether its relationship related, work related, or like me, health related (Lyme Disease), sometimes it helps to treat yourself.

The easiest thing to do is to turn to sugar.  For most of us, the relationship with sugar has been our comfort for way too long.  Our brain craves it, we’re addicted. We all know that the pleasure in it lasts only as long as the food is in our mouths.  Shortly thereafter, remorse settles in, or perhaps the sugar comma, leaving us feeling worse than when we started. If you are battling a chronic illness, trying to lose weight or working hard to be healthy, this will not serve you.  

You can find something that lifts your spirit that doesn’t belittle your bank account!  I understand that spending money on yourself might sound selfish in some way. Especially when money is tight and you might be spending lots of it on your healthcare (like me). 

Challenge yourself to find a Healthy Treat!!!

The bracelet pictured was my treat on Saturday.  @curatedhomenewjersey in Manalapan, NJ had a bunch of surprise treats to choose from.  A pop of color always lifts the spirit! This bracelet comes in many colors, and is so much fun.  For $22, I have a reminder that I can look good when I feel lousy, that it’s fun to treat myself…let’s call it part of my healing!!!

The surprise in the experience of this treat was that my Husband and I happened to be in this shopping center before going to dinner and decided to check out Curated Home.  As per its name, it is a home design store. No one would expect that the middle of the store has a table full of fabulous treats! Necklaces, bracelets, handbags, different, affordable and fun!  This bracelet was there and called out to me. Crazy as it may sound, I felt overjoyed. Looking back, it was so much fun to be in the moment where my biggest problem was which color to select!

Maybe there is a store in your neighborhood you’ve never walked into that has within it a treat just waiting for you.  It might provide a distraction for whatever is primarily on your mind. Take your time to look through what it has to offer.  Enjoy the experience and appreciate that it just may take you away from the bakery!!! For the cost of a cake, you could have a cute treat like mine which provides NO Negatives!!!

Of course, there are other ways to treat yourself, or other retail therapy you’d prefer within your budget.  The bottom line is that every day brings joy, no matter how dark your life feels, look for the light! It is there.  We don’t get the days back so we need to make the best of each and every one.

If you need help with Stress Management, Chronic Illness Coaching, Nutrition and Health Coaching, contact Coach ShariSM.  You will be heard and supported. 

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