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Some stress is good (motivating, enjoyable), but most of the time it’s negative and dreadful. This is what we tackle in Stress Management Coaching. Dealing with difficult stress and creating new habits to improve  well-being.

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Identify Your Stressors

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Stress management is a way for a person to look at their negative stress and take steps to manage themselves for improved health. There is a correlation between stress and eating. Some of us eat while stressed and others stop eating entirely. Both can be dealt with in Stress Management Coaching with Coach Shari®. Watch the quick preview to the stress management program!

What is Stress Management Coaching?

Stress management coaching provides a platform for discovering alternatives to dealing with one’s stress. The stressors don’t go away, how you deal with them minimizes their impact. 

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Dating After Divorce Stress Management

At any age, going through divorce or break-up is hard enough, let alone getting back into the dating circuit! However, there is a way to approach it whereby you attract what you desire without the stress of it all! Coach Shari® will walk you through creating a true vision of what you want and preparing yourself to attract it. Managing your stress will move you away from sabotage and toward the new love your life!

Nutrition and Diet Stress Management

nutrition management nj

Nutrition plays a key role in stress management. If you are a stress eater, then you likely turn to your favorite comfort food every time you feel stressed. This only magnifies the impact of stress on your body.  Whether you gain or lose weight, you are depriving your body of essential nutrients. This can lead to sickness, and can even put your adrenal glands at risk for long term damage! Expect to discuss your diet with your stress management coach. Of course you ultimately decide what you want to change, even if it’s just becoming aware of what and when you eat.

The Coaching Process

1. Health Assessment Questionnaire

You will begin by completing a quick health assessment to understand your lifestyle. This easy to complete form provides an excellent overview of your daily life including diet, cravings, exercise, medications / supplements, sleeping habits, etc. 

2. The First Session

Our first session will be a face-to-face meeting whether at our office in Springfield, or via Skype / Zoom. This session will last 1 hour and 50 minutes in which we will go over your health assessment form and strategize. You will create your vision that will serve to motivate you as you move toward your stress reduction journey.  You will also create your 3 month goals.  This is the beginning of your Personal Wellness Plan.

3. The Second Consultation

The second meeting will be 50 minutes long. If you wish to extend the meeting, adjustments can be made according to your needs. Here we will review your vision and three-month goals to ensure they resonate with you. From there we will begin to identify key weekly goals that will guide you toward stress reduction. You will NOT be dictated to, but rather empowered and guided by Coach Shari.

4. Regular Follow-Up Sessions

Follow-up 50 minute sessions will take place face-to-face, again either at our office or via Skype / Zoom. The coaching program will last as long as you need–whether it be three months or six months. The time is up to you, all we want to see is a more empowered and less stressed new you!