Health and Wellness Coaching

A Brief Introduction to Our Coaching Philosophy

Today we live in a world where people tend to expect negativity, to discuss how bad they are and what they did wrong. Wellness coaching reverses this negativity, based upon evidence that we excel when we are in control of our changes and that when we feel success we are ready for the next challenge. Wellness Coaching gives you a holistic view of your lifestyle whereby you have a forum to make the changes most impactful to you . It’s your choice whether you just want to feel better, begin to exercise, reduce stress or Ditch the Diet.

1. Health and Wellness Assessment

Before we begin, you will complete a health assessment prior to the first session. This easy to complete form asks for information on your eating habits, medical status, exercise routine, stress levels, and more. This assessment provides a good overview for Coach Shari® to use in the first coaching session as a basis for the discussion of your priorities for change.

2. Your First Coaching Session

The first session will  last 1 hour and 50 minutes. This session is a face-to-face session  whether at our office in  NJ, or via videoconferencing (Skype or Zoom). We begin with a review of the assessment information. Going over the details face-to-face will paint a more clear picture your overall needs. 

3. Creating A Clear Vision

The next step for us is to create a clear and insightful vision for your wellness. Maybe you have dabbled in Goal Setting before, or maybe this is your first time really taking the time to create a meaningful and strategic vision for yourself. Everything great starts with a vision, and working towards that vision. You must see the “end game”, where you want to be, how you want to feel, and what you want to accomplish. During our discussion, we will explore your motivators, and support system that will assist you in achieving your vision. 

4. Three Month SMART Goals

After you’ve created your vision, your three month goals are created. This takes the vision (usually a year into the future) to the next step. We ask, what are your priorities for the first 3 months? We follow the SMART Goals formula: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound Goals. These goals provide the carrot for you to look toward before deciding what you are able to commit to right away. It takes time and patience to create new habits, in fact, according to Psychology Today a change does not become a habit until you do it routinely for up to sixty-six days. However, with time, patience, and dedication you can begin your new health and wellness habits to change your life! 

5. Ongoing Wellness Coaching

These 50 minute sessions are the forum for you to create your weekly goals, as well as to share your experience with the goals you set.  This includes your victories which provide the basis for your New Habits as well as the learning experiences. Your weekly successes will give you the encouragement to take on the next round until you have created New Habits that will serve the rest of your life!!!

Whether you opt for weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly follow-up sessions is up to you!

Serving: Springfield, Summit, Short Hills, Millburn, Mountainside NJ and outside residents.