Get Higher Productivity With Corporate Wellness

Maximize Your Employees' Performance. Quality Produces Quantity

Ensure your Corporate Wellness budget is applied to programs that deliver value to your employees and increase productivity.  Regardless of the size of your business, a meaningful program can be tailored to fit your budget.   Coach Shari® offers local New Jersey businesses, as well as other domestic companies,  various corporate wellness programs to boost company performance.

Group Wellness Workshops

Coach Shari® provides flexible and insightful wellness workshops to get your company’s employees on track for higher performance! You can construct the right program for your needs,schedule and budget. Below are some topics and services available for your business.

Create Your Vision and SMART Goals

Easy Meals for Busy People

Healthy Food and Diet Alternatives

Identifying and Managing Work Stressors

Stress and Nutrition - The Vicious Cycle

Positive Self-Talk For Corporate Productivity

Nutrition and Health Coaching For Your Business

Remote Sessions Available via Skype or Zoom

  • Custom Wellness Plan
  • On-Site Sessions
  • Remote 1-on-1 Sessions

Having worked in different sized corporations from start-ups to multinational businesses, Coach Shari® understands the stresses and challenges of daily work life. The purpose of health and nutrition coaching is to hold individual sessions to focus on what each person wishes to accomplish to improve their health. According to Forbes, self-care is one of the biggest corporate trends to follow in 2019. Whether it’s nutrition, overall health (sleep, exercise), or stress management. For employees who have received a medical diagnosis, a nutrition plan to enhance their immune system, reduce inflammation and help them reduce weight (if needed), can be generated in a private and respectful environment.   Coach Shari® provides individuals with dedicated and specific nutrition coaching whether it is to lose weight, assist with the healing process or to simply for the person to feel more energetic!  Providing this resource is a way of a company acknowledging the importance of vibrant health both for the employee as well as for work performance.