May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Know the symptoms, get treated fast!

Tomorrow evening, May 9, 2019, I am presenting what I believe everyone should know about Lyme Disease. It is what I wish I knew when I got sick because it would have saved me so much time getting a diagnosis and treatment. Here is the link for more information.

According to the CDC, reported cases of Lyme Disease around the United States are on the rise with approximately 324,000 in 2008 versus 454,000 in 2017. We can assume there are many more cases due to diagnostic issues and reporting methodologies.

If you think you can only get LD by a tick bite, think again! There are cases of LD from many insects, really any insect that feeds on a deer, mouse, bird, squirrel, can carry and share the disease. AND there are many co-infections that might tag along for the ride and present other symptoms.

This is a serious problem, mostly because the symptoms are not unique, they may present as vague and are certainly indicative of other possible diseases, giving doctors who are not thinking about Lyme disease, challenges. On top of that, the standard blood tests used are often inaccurate. For the most part, Lyme Literate MDs, are the ones who understand this and offer the current most accurate test offered by iGeneX.

If you suspect you may have LD, find a doctor that offers the blood test by iGeneX. If you can afford it, have the full panel of all of the co-infections so you know for sure (or as sure as possible) what you are dealing with. Typically, the doctor will order testing of co-infections they suspect given your reporting of symptoms.

The most important thing to recognize is when you or someone you know isn’t feeling right. It can happen slowly, over time, and we brush it off due to age, being busy, or even stress. For a complete list of symptoms, go to: Global Lyme Alliance.

Coach ShariSM has created Lyme Disease services based upon the help Shari wished she had while sick with Lyme and Babesia. The first step is to contact Coach ShariSM who can get you started with the proper nutrition and detox, even while you are waiting to see a doctor.

Please use this month to learn more and help others in your life to be aware. We MUST reduce the suffering of those getting sicker and sicker, not knowing what is wrong!

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