Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Nutrition and Health Coaching

The Lyme Disease Coaching Services have been compiled based upon my personal experience winning the war against Lyme, one battle at a time. These services are those I wish I had available to me, from one source, as my health declined toward the end of 2013, and after my diagnosis in March 2014. Instead, I had to struggle one step at a time to figure out everything  from nutrition to stress management to heavy metal elimination to choosing providers to help.

Save yourself the energy drain by working with me, Coach Shari. Who else will better understand what you are going through?

If you have already been diagnosed with Lyme Disease or if you suspect you may have it, Coach Shari SM can help. You may be waiting to get into your first doctor’s appointment with a Lyme Literate doctor. There is no reason to delay what you need to do immediately, regardless of the treatment your doctor will prescribe.  The services offered are fully complementary to Lyme Treatment.

The first step in healing is to free your body from toxins that prevent your immune system from doing its job. This includes both detoxing and draining your digestive system (using a natural solution) and eliminating all inflammatory foods.

Sugar MUST be eliminated because the Lyme bacteria feeds on sugar. In other words, it helps keep it alive and multiplying. Drinking enough pure water every day is another critical component to daily flushing out of toxins.

During the Nutrition Consultation, we will review the health assessment you prepared and sent in advance. We will discuss your current lifestyle including what you eat and when, cravings, stress level, what you drink, current medications and supplements, along with exercise. This is where you will learn what is needed to provide proper nutrition to support you in healing from Lyme Disease.

The initial session will be 1 hour and 50 minutes. Along with discussing your health assessment, we will work on your vision and goals. When sick with Lyme Disease, it is really important to have a vision of your healthy self which may just get you through the tough days.

Ongoing sessions will be 30-50 minutes. Most people find it too challenging to change their diet overnight. The coaching process will help you to phase in the necessary nutrition as you feel ready. Committing to weekly changes by setting goals, then discussing your successes and challenges will help you move forward.

Creating weekly goals when your life has hit the reset button is a positive way for you to see positive progress.

This is the general umbrella under which your healing resides. It will include discussion of exercise, which is critical to healing from Lyme Disease. Whether it is just walking around the room, getting massages or other methods, it will be part of your weekly sessions. There are many different suggestions to consider at various stages of your healing. These will be discussed and you decide what you are ready for and when. The client is always in control!

Stress Management: being ill is stressful on its own, let alone everything else in a person’s life that causes stress. With Lyme Disease being a long- haul illness, most people have to deal with the stress. It is critically important because you need to help your body heal which it cannot do effectively if you are living in stress.

You are not alone: Lyme Disease is a lonely illness. Spending time reading blogs and Facebook pages will only create negativity when you need a positive outlook. Working with Coach Shari SM will help you to focus on your wellness while not feeling alone. Because Shari is personally experienced with Lyme Disease, she is able to provide an intense degree of empathy to her Lyme clients.

Charting and tracking medications, symptoms and food intake. Keeping a daily log is important in order to see progress and to report monthly to your physician or health care practitioner. Coach Shari SM can help you create a template for daily tracking.

Alternative and complementary therapies: there is so much information available and suggestions regarding what to do to become well again. You will have the opportunity to brainstorm which therapies will make sense for you while working with Coach Shari SM.

3.Heavy Metal Testing

Lyme Disease bacteria can bury itself within heavy metals, causing a protective shield against antibiotics. It is important to understand if your body is storing heavy metals, particularly mercury or aluminum so that we can discuss your options for getting rid of them. Coach Shari SM offers Trace Elements Hair Analysis which is a noninvasive test
of your hair. It shows whether you are in excess or deficiency of 36 elements and provides a very detailed report including foods you should eliminate and increase based upon your cellular metabolism. If your body is high in heavy metals it is best to begin to remove them right away.


4. Preparing for Doctor Visits

In order to make the best use of your time with each doctor, you need to prepare your case. Especially if you’ve been sick for a while, had multiple tests and have seen many doctors, you need to have everything prepared. Coach Shari SM can work with you to create a document ready for presentation.

5. Accompany Client to Doctor Visits

It is not unusual for a person to have brain fog as a symptom of Lyme Disease. It is also likely that processing new information is overwhelming. Most doctors recommend and/or insist that you bring
someone along with you to take notes and ask questions on your behalf.
Understanding that it can be a challenge to schedule your most trusted person to accompany you, Coach Shari SM offers this service as an option. After the appointment, Coach Shari SM will provide you with
notes and tracking tools (if requested) to make implementation of doctor’s orders as easy as possible.


As my Dr. Angel said, “Lyme Disease is a marathon, not a sprint.” I was hoping to defy this statement; unfortunately, she was right. Even when you get rid of the Lyme, you need to fix all that was destroyed in its wake. Don’t do it alone. As your team changes over the course of your illness, Coach  Shari SM can be a constant, helping you make choices every step along the way.