Lyme Disease—Blessing or Curse?

Geez Shari, you’ve really gone overboard on this one. How in the world would LD be a blessing? Of course it’s a curse!!! Look in the mirror, you’re still trying to figure it all out 6 years later…

My answer to the question is that LD is both.

No one will argue that LD is a horrible disease. It can take you by storm and have its way with your body. Because there is no one methodology to cure LD and its co-infections, it is a constant battle. It requires tenacity, organization and money. Lots and lots of money. It is beyond challenging to research, find the right doctors, therapies, let alone exercise when you feel horrible, and eat right.

The one thing we want to do to sooth our pain, to reward hanging in, is to eat sugar and guess what?  It’s the WORSE thing to do!!!  AND it’s the hardest thing to stop.   LD takes away our health and our ability to fix it with food (blessing?).

So I get it, it is a curse. No one wants it or asks for it. I wish no one would ever get it again. No matter who has done wrong by me in my life, I would NOT wish LD on them. I wish it would go away like a bad dream.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. It continues to grow among our population. It continues to become more complex with ticks delivering multiple infections in one bite. With doctors that don’t have good diagnostic tools to figure it out.

And the Blessing?

I am a believer that everything happens for a reason (my sister HATES when I say that). I am a person of great faith.

I knew in my heart, as sick as I was, that there was a learning in this, a purpose for me being taken out of work (that I was really enjoying) to deal with this horror. I also knew in my heart that I would get better!

While I have enjoyed many blessings from this experience, the greatest one is in nutrition. I learned in the most powerful way how what you eat directly relates to how you feel.

I spend my life, beginning at 12, dieting. Just like many of you, when my clothes fit, I felt great and when they didn’t, I went on a diet. I believed I ate healthy, as I learned so much along the way. I don’t think anyone would argue how hard I worked on it, also exercising regularly. I was definitely fit.

The second diagnosis I received was systemic candida (yeast). I had debilitating fatigue and could barely put a sentence together (brain fog). This is not unusual in Lyme patients. Your digestive system will be a mess because your immune system is overtaxed. Eating sugar and other inflammatory foods continues to tax your body and it becomes a vicious cycle!!!

Prior to receiving this diagnosis, I felt so tired, so upset and stressed that no doctor could figure it out.

What did I do?

I ate, of course. And I’m not talking about celery sticks. I ate all of the comfort foods I wanted—Chinese Food, Pizza, desserts and wine (weekend glasses). All of the foods that are inflammatory.  I didn’t care that I was gaining weight, I was already so sick and no doctor I saw could figure it out.

Truly, I didn’t know.

Then I became educated.

Within 9 days of changing my diet, I woke up!!!

I went from 0 to 70%. HUGE change.

Hence the blessing of Lyme Disease. That was the beginning of me learning to identify what works and what does not work in my body. I proceeded to quickly lose the weight I had gained by sleeping and eating. Since then, I have Ditched the Diet! I will never be the same as a result of LD and that is a good thing. Even though I continue to refine what I eat based upon new information, I do not ever give energy to a “diet.” I don’t need it! What I need is to nourish my body in the best way possible.

Is it easy? NOOOOOOO!!!! UCH, it is a daily challenge!

What is your blessing from Lyme? Think about it and be grateful. We are on this Earth to learn and grow. Focus on your wellness, learn from the journey and know that you are a healthy, happy, grateful person.

For Lyme Disease Nutrition and Health Coaching contact Coach ShariSM . Helping others navigate this illness is her mission.

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