Listen to Your Body

No one knows your body better than you!!! There is no doctor, friend or loved one that knows your body better than you. Are you listening to what it is telling you?

Don’t ignore the messages! If you are sick, when you eat foods that make you feel sick (even though it was good going down), when you need to move around and exercise. Listen and act accordingly.

When you know you are ill (Lyme Disease is a great example) and doctors tell you it is in your head, find another doctor. You know your body, you know when something is wrong, find a doctor who can figure it out!

Remember that you are always in control.  Get the help you need to feel well.  If you feel the first person is not going to solve the problem, go to the next.  Only you know what is right for you!!!

For Nutrition, Health Coaching, Stress Management, Coach Shari is here for you.

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