Is it that you CAN’T or WON’T Lose Weight?

Because of the coaching services I provide, I monitor various Social Media pages. Whether it is perimenopause, menopause, Lyme Disease or aging, I constantly see and hear “I can’t lose weight!” “Is there anyone out there who is?” The question is then responded to by lots of people succeeding with every fad and popular diet in the market.

With very few medical exceptions, anyone can lose weight. The bigger issue is if they are willing to do what it takes?

Are these the reasons why you “can’t”?

    1. Denial: our bodies change as we age. FACT. Are you in denial that these changes will affect your weight loss? Are you saying you can’t when you are simply in denial of your changes?
      What has worked in the past may not serve your body for your lifetime. Perhaps X Diet was always your go-to when you needed to fit into the pair of jeans. Now, it is not working for you.Is it that you can’t lose weight or is it that you WON’T make the changes needed?
    2. Victim: if you are seriously blaming your age, menopause, your life, or anything but yourself, you are playing a victim. Of course, its your choice to do, just don’t complain about it! Take ownership and figure out how to move forward. Stop looking for every excuse not to do what you know you must—give up the snacking at night, the chips, the bread in restaurants, you fill in the blank ______.
    3. Hard Work: it is not easy to lose weight, although, I would say that  losing is the easy part and maintaining is the challenge. The problem is that over the past 50 years, our food supply has changed and not in a good way. We gravitate to high sugar, processed, fast foods that we feel support our busy lives. Perhaps they do, but they will not support losing weight or being healthy.

Are you willing to make the changes that will deliver the result you desire? Or are you saying you can’t lose weight and giving up?

Do you want to move forward?

  1. Begin with accepting who you are today. That includes what your body is asking for (that would include nutrition as well as exercise). If you want to lose weight, you can. I promise.
  2. Phase in changes that will create New Habits, versus losing weight for a short term reason/motivation such as an event. When you make small changes and feel the success, that encourages you to take the next steps to end up at your final goal.
  3. Ditch the Diet! If you learn how to eat well each and every day, you will lose the weight and never have to check into that new fad or popular diet ever again.

If you need help, get it from a qualified professional who will educate you and assist you in identifying those foods that will serve your body to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Coach ShariSM can help you with your weight loss as well as with managing your stress. It is not usual for stress to play a big part in why some people say they “can’t” lose weight. Manage your stress, gain your health.

This is one thing in life YOU CAN Control, so DO IT!!!

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