3 Tips to Avoid Eating Remorse

Last weekend my Husband and I met another couple for dinner. Shortly upon their arrival, our friend announced that he had lost 10 pounds in a week simply by eliminating pasta and bread. We were very happy for him.

I was happy that he had this experience for himself, he had decided that this was the best and fastest way to lose weight. More importantly, pasta and breads have been staples for him over his lifetime so giving them up is a huge step toward his health! Evidently, he had gone to his doctor with a medical issue and it was recommended he lose weight. (I don’t know what his health issue is or what the doctor suggested.) It seems that this approach is working for him!

At the end of the meal, the server brought over the dessert menu. It started with me, I always like to look and rarely order. I passed it onto my Husband and friend to take a look. At this time, our friend’s wife had stepped away from the table. He looked at the menu and said “I always like to have dessert but then I feel so bad afterwards that it’s not worth it. I am not going to order anything.”

I said to myself: “wow, it is go great that he said that out loud. I wonder if that helped him to stick with his goal. I wonder how all of us could do the same, prevent that food remorse by declaring we didn’t want it.”

For the record, I would not have judged him if he had chosen to order dessert. It is not my job to judge anyone for what they do. I would have observed as I did when he decided not to.

Here are 3 tips to AVOID food remorse IN THE MOMENT

  1. Declare out loud that you don’t want it (just as our friend did). When you hear yourself say the words, it is more powerful than just thinking them. You hold yourself publicly accountable.
  2. Step away from the table. Whether you are at a restaurant, at home or someone’s house, you can always walk away. This will give you time to pause and consider the consequences. Consider how you will feel afterwards and if you’d prefer avoiding remorse and moving toward your goal.
  3. Take a Deep Breath, pause, don’t jump in and do it. Don’t amnesia eat. Pause and give yourself the big picture—the vision of what you want to achieve. Consider how the indulgence will set you back and only provide a few short minutes of pleasure.

Years ago when I attended Weight Watchers® there was a saying we were taught: “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.” It still rings true. Why indulge in a moment’s pleasure for a longer-term regret.

Avoid remorse and move into the light of success.

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