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"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete"

- R.Buckminister Fuller

A Message From Shari..

Welcome to Coach Shari® LLC.  It’s a great day to begin New Habits!

Why choose Coach Shari®, New Habits, New Life ℠ to help you make healthy changes?

Hi!  My name is Shari Wildman Palmateer, a Nutrition Consultant, Nutrition Coach, Health and Wellness Coach in New Jersey. I decided to embark on this challenging journey because of the opportunity to encourage you to live the healthy life you imagine!  Life has taught me so many things, coming out the victor of both physical and emotional challenges along the way, giving me the foundation to help you conquer yours. I am here to guide you through the next step in your life, to make those changes that are important to you.

My goal is to help you uncover your priorities to improve your health whether it is to Ditch the Diet, Manage Stress, Increase Energy and Maximize Productivity, or support your journey through a chronic illness.  With your vision mapped out, you’ll set your weekly goals to achieve that vision.  Through weekly experiments or goals, you’ll see what is working and what is not—all leading you on the path of success!   

This is not a cookie cutter program. Coaching with me is about you achieving your goals, in your time frame, based upon your successes.  Uncovering your true motivation will be the journey, one where you will have my nonjudgmental, caring and empathetic support. Our time together will be spent exploring your journey to be your best self, most productive self, most healthy self!


Coach Shari New Habits New Life


Corporate Wellness

Boost your corporate performance by first improving employee health.

Stress Management

Learn to control and manage your stress whether from work or balancing life!

Nutrition and Diet

Ditch the diet and create new healthy habits that will last.
Get help losing the perimenopause / menopause weight..

Trace Hair Analysis

Get insight to your physical health by analyzing your hair.

Health and Wellness

Feel your best an any age with health and wellness.

Dating after Divorce

Get back into the dating circle and learn how to manage your stress to attract the right person.

What is Coaching?

Timing is everything and if you are looking at this website then you have taken the first step toward changing your lifestyle. Are you ready to make long term life changes?

In health coaching, there are no “prescriptions”, no one is going to tell you what to do!!!  Your New Habits and New Life℠ are Yours.

The coaching process is based upon evidence that long term changes can only happen when you are fully empowered and motivated.  What this means is that when you are given a “prescription” to change your life, for the majority of people, it usually does not serve to motivate the lifestyle change the person knows they need to make.   Even when the consequences are huge like heart surgery, obesity or even loss of life.

In coaching, you create the vision of what you want to be, the end game. Then we break it up into 3 month goals to give you something to strive for and then weekly goals/experiments/tasks. Success breeds success and as you see that you can do it, you’ll want to do more. AND if you have a set-back it won’t be a full-on failure, it will be a learning for how you might prevent it in the future.  The process is on your hands, along with what you choose to do. 

You are in charge and accountable for your vision, goals and achievements, at your pace. If you create business plans for work, then think of this as your Personal Business or Wellness Plan. The only difference is that you are completely empowered, no one is going to tell you that the goals are not big enough or the accomplishments. You are the judge.

What falls under the Nutrition and Wellness Coaching Umbrella?

  • Weight Management–Ditch the Diet!
  • Nutrition to support Chronic Illness such as Lyme Disease
  • Health Coaching to support Chronic Illness including Lyme Disease
  • Nutrition to support menopause
  • Nutrition to support medically diagnosed illness such as diabetes or heart disease
  • Nutrition Consulting
  • Stress Management
  • Exercise
  • General Health Improvement

Are you a good candidate for coaching?

You want to change, you just can’t figure it all out?

Are you blaming your age for aches and pains, sluggishness, other ailments?

Do you need to be more productive at work, knowing that a better lifestyle of eating right and exercising will get you there?

Do you need to find a way to release your stress? Or going through a stressful time in you life?

Are you tired of dieting, gaining and dieting more?

You know you need to eat right and exercise more and just can’t seem to be consistent?

You’ve been diagnosed with an illness, given prescriptions for medications and lifestyle and need help executing?

You’ve tried everything and need a new approach?

Your blood work is normal but you don’t feel great?

You went to a nutritionist, have a list of what to eat and feel overwhelmed?

You may have been diagnosed with an illness where you know better nutrition would help but your doctor said nothing.  You want to be sure to support your body systems to heal as quickly as possible.

Coach Shari New Habits New Life Springfield NJ


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